Friday, May 30, 2008

What a weak ........

All I can say is, "You got me!" But it took you 18 months.

That talk about Grocery & Petrol prices and Australian Working Families, all those photo opportunities at kitchen tables, all those concerned grimaces – I had my fingers crossed all along.

As I said today on ABC Radio, I actually conceded once during the election when finally nailed in an interview that I was full of hot air, so did Swanny. That didn't of course stop me going to another kitchen table, having another press conference and berating John Howard about Petrol and Grocery prices again. I even continued rabbiting on about my Petrol Commissioner.

It's all your fault if you thought I was going to reduce prices – you should been listening to the ABC in August last year.

I even contradicted myself on radio this morning admitting that after all my hype about a Petrol Cop on the beat I couldn't actually reduce Fuel prices, yet I've constantly said the my petrol Cop will reduce prices.

Call me flexible rather than hypocritical, cynical and disingenuous. Read the fine print people.

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