Sunday, May 11, 2008

What’s an Australian Working Family look like?

I’ve spun myself into a lather with all my talk of Australian Working Families (AWF’s). But bugger me I have no idea who they are?

The Lemmings are all following Rudd’s Law and keep referring to AWF’s to justify everything we do.
But I think it’s time I finally defined who AWF’s are?

Here’s my current definition of Australian Working Families.

  • They aren’t gay

  • They aren’t families who work, if they make more money than others

  • They aren't Carers or Pensioners and may not even be a family

  • They don’t drive expensive European cars

  • They could be a family with kids, but they may not be

  • They may speak Mandarin - hopefully

  • They can afford big mortgages, but not groceries or petrol

  • They may be hurt by petrol prices because they’re driving a big luxury car

  • They’re hopefully Union Members

  • They don't drink alco pops

  • They can be pregnant and work, but not be pregnant and work and be wealthy

  • Sometimes they may not even work

  • They don't use Solar panels on their homes

    There it’s clear, and I have a mandate to protect these people come hell or high water and in due season.

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