Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I love the smell of socialism in the morning

Can you believe it, I make a firm decision and my rating soars.

I've spent my inheritance in one day. The Economic conservative stuff was never really me. It got us elected but deep down Julia, Swanny and I always had our fingers crossed.

We were like a bunch of drunken socialists throwing money around after finding the safe unlocked.

The next step for us Economic Conservatives is to socialise the banking system, ban executive bonuses and bring on the socialist state.

I'm a naughty comrade.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Frankly my Chief of Staff had to go

They can call me Kevin 24/7 or Kevin 747, it's still better than what they called me at school.

Anyway my Chief of Staff must be there to support the World's Greatest deal maker, it's Carbon Crusader, Global Financial Reformer and Pre eminant Mandarin Speaking Politician.
Frankly David Epstein wasn't there.

I'd been on the phone to George Bush, he put me hold for an hour, and Gordon Brown, he put me hold for 2 hours, telling them how to solve the Global Financial Crisis. It was about 3.45am when Gordon finally hung up, I tried to call Ban Ki Moon, not in his staff said - President Sarkozy, wrong number a lovely french woman said. It was too early for Helen Clark or one of the Pacific Island types and an appearance on Sunrise or Today was still 3 hours away, so I thought I'd like a coffee.

I rang InEpstein several times - his cell phone, his blackberry and his home phone. Who does he think he is not to take my call - a World leader?

I got Therese out of bed to drive me over to his home and banged on the door until he answered.
"You're fired...and you make lousy coffee anyway" I screamed in my very private "treat the staff badly" voice and the rest is history.