Tuesday, June 3, 2008

How fickle you all are

What have I done to deserve this? You’d think I’d misled Australia, took populist positions to win favour with everyone, been gushy and insincere and said anything to win favour with the cool crowd.

How quickly you all turn, you’re the shallow insincere ones not me. People get over it.
Therese tucked a very upset PM into bed with a hot Milo last night. I listened to a bit of John Denver on my Sony Walkman and drifted off for my three hours of sleep.

First the Public Service turn on me for making them work 18 hour days – what else is there to do in Canberra? Cate writes me a note having a crack at me over the teen porn pics. I personally think the dogs playing pool is my favourite piece of modern art and believe this is the sort of art we as a nation should be producing more of. I told Cate so.

Then my beloved Australian Working Families turn on me in the latest opinion poll. What’s their problem? I couldn’t have said more about them in the past 6 months. 15,385 mentions at last count!

Finally, and the one that really hurts, the U.S. government of my best friend George W has a go about my Iraq war comments. Why can’t they move on and rewrite history like I did on this.

It’s the world’s fault, at least Julia, Peter and Swanny still love me. I'll keep an eye on Julia just in case though!

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