Sunday, September 2, 2007

George W will finally meet a real Statesman

I’m going to show that peanut President a thing or two when he meets me. I bet he can’t speak Mandarin and I bet he hasn’t had a full contact lap dance from Candy, Brandy, Randy and Sandy.

I have a solution for World Peace, the running of the UN and APEC, the Iraq situation, global warming and world poverty........well maybe more an opinion than a solution! But, none the less if I talk about an issue my adoring Australian public continues to assume I can fix it. And modestly I agree with them.

If only the U.S. had listened to me previously. Once I’m elected World Leader of Australia I plan to disband APEC – get rid of all those second tier players and just get the Super powers, China, Japan, USA, Russia and Australia together at what I’m calling the Rudd lectures. I’ll give an annual speech in their native tongues on how they should be running their countries. Should see the world a better place within weeks.

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