Saturday, September 15, 2007

Surely Julia wouldn't knife me?

All this talk about Julia having political ambitions is nonsense. Julia's been fantastic too me, but give me a break, Julia for PM!

Her robotic monologue about Tricky Mr. Howard and poor Australian working families even bores the crap out me. It's enough to drive me to my third drink honestly. I hear she's working on a new sentence to trot out especially for the Election campaign....Australia can't wait Jules!

Seriously, Australia couldn't think that anyone in the Labor Party could actually be PM apart from me. Peter Garrett? Well someone once told me he's a good musician. Wayne Swan? Swanny, Swanny how I love ya, but not that much. He used to bully me at Nambour High. Only made him Treasurer because he used to work on the checkout at Coles – he's the most skilled person on our front bench. Julia, god love her, could put a group of A.D.D. Teenagers on speed to sleep when she gets going. What about Mar'un Ferg'son, that Union bloke. Heard him say it 50 times but still don't know his name. Fair Dinkum, he could talk for a hour and you'd think it was one word.

I do have time for that pretty young thing who nods and smiles behind me in Parliament. Still don't know her name, but at least she's got a full set of teeth.

The rest are fair dinkum Union Hacks and failed School teachers – they'd make great State Premiers of course.

As I keep telling them, it's Rudd or a Dud.

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