Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I’m not into shallow, sound-bite, celebrity politicians who lack substance –that’s my territory

I stand right behind Nicole Cornes; because I want her to sit right behind me.

Poor Kate Ellis needs a break from nodding and smiling over my left shoulder every day in Parliament.

Nicole is perfect, she looks great, nods well and smiles at the right time. Perfect for Team Kevin 07. She's even given Julia tips on how to wear make-up, if only we could get her into a nice frock now and then.

Look, how can my all star candidates expect to know policies, that's not their role. With Maxine, The old ABC weather guy and Peter Garrett we'll have more ARIA's and Logies than the Libs. That's what's really important to my party and Australian working families.

As the polls show Spin beats Substance every time.

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