Thursday, September 20, 2007

I have more in common with Arnold Schwarzenegger than you think!

1.Arnold and Kevin both had an aortic valve transplant
2. Arnold and Kevin were both drawn to Gymnasiums at an early age – Arnold lifted weights, Kevin was a towel-boy
3. At the age of 15 both men lifted 100 pounds, Arnold with one arm, Kevin in one year.
4. George W Bush thinks Kevin Rudd grew up in the same part of Australia as Arnold Schwarzenegger.
5. Arnold almost tore his bicep in an attempt to win Mr. Universe, Kevin while watching Miss Universe
6. Arnold was nicknamed the Austrian Oak, Kevin the Australian Joke
7. Arnold starred in a movie called Total Recall. Kevin starred in a farce called No Recall.
8. In the movie Twins, Arnold's onscreen partner Danny De Vito is the misfit, imbecile result of a failed experiment, Kevin's onscreen partner Julia is the misfit, imbecile result of another failed experiment.

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