Tuesday, September 11, 2007

C'mon Mr. Prime Minister commit to a full term and stop acting like a Labor leader

The hypocrisy of my recent call for the PM to commit to staying a full term or stand accused of misleading the Australian people wasn't lost on me as Peter Beattie resigned mid term following another Labor beauty Steve Bracks.
Hey - I'm a lap dancing christian, tea-totling binge drinking, memory faded intellectual hypocrite but Australia still loves me even more each day. Why raise Human rights issues with China when it might endanger my tickets to the Olympics, why upset my mate George W with talk of Global warming? There were no cameras there anyway.

If I'm asked by Laurie I'll give my standard reply "I'm sorry I don't recall what was said".

I ask myself, does Australia love Kevin Rudd? You bet she does.

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