Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Call me Kev, man of action

Today I announce that under a Ruddrless government we will end the insidious Work Choices legislation. This horrifically, brutal legislation that denies workers basic, human rights and dignity and has been targeted by Unions who have spent $20 million opposing it, this cruel, mean, tricky law that my colleague Julia Gillard and myself so vigorously opposed will be abolished in...... 2010!

That’s when Therese’s agreements expire and she says we’d lose $10 million on the sale of her business if we dumped them early. She's still pissed with me over Scores.

I said to her the other day, “Look dear, I was drunk and don’t remember a thing. When I put that $10 bill in your underpants on the night of my return from New York I simply thought you were a vending machine.”

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