Tuesday, July 16, 2013

World's climate fixed - thank you Kevin

You know me, I’m a climate change warrior.
I’d travel to any International Conference on Climate Change at a moment’s notice. Climate change and K Rudd are one – the greatest moral challenge of our time accepted by the greatest carbon warrior of our time!

No one travelled to more conferences, held more press conferences, wrote more speeches or made more outrageous claims about the impact of climate change than me. I was milking climate change before anyone else....and what did I do – I drove a Prius.

Today I wanted to announce that Climate Kevin was back, look out Carbon here I come again. I’ve scrapped the Carbon Tax and made pollution cheaper for working families, well made it appear that way.

As you know it’s not about the detail, it’s about the headline.
Climate fixed – the world saved and I’ve done it at Aldi prices.

Thank God for Kevin.

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