Friday, July 12, 2013

Australia's First Opposition Prime Minister

Being the first Opposition Prime Minister is quiet taxing.

I think I've successfully managed to prove I had nothing to do with anything Labor.....ever!
  • I hate Gillard and I actually got rid of her (Abbott couldn't do that)
  • I apologised for the Pink Batts deaths - a stupid scheme run by some terrible former Labor government
  • I'm taking on the Unions and faceless men - those terrible elements of the Labor Party where creepy backbenchers can destabilise the elected Leader for years, then brutally remove them.
  • I talk about the future and hope and what's wrong with this country after 6 years of Labor rule
I was tempted to have the Kevin 07.1 debate the old Kevin on these issues at the Press Club yesterday

Kevin 07.1 is a clean slate - no baggage and no past - reincarnated as the perfect leader who Australia fell in love with in 2007.

We're workshoping new party names and logos to take the election - the new consultative Kevin is open to suggestions, just checking now to see if Abbott has trademarked The Liberal Party

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