Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fair Shake of the Sauce bottle - The Opposition Leader is worse than a people smuggler

  • I call on the Leader of the Opposition to resign.

    The Opposition Leader is charged with:

    Conspiring to have John Grant give me a free ute
    Manipulating my personal life by having John Grant become my mate
    Blackmailing Wayne Swan in to buying a car from John Grant
    Hypnotising Godwin Grech in to implicating me and my office and Wayne Swan in scandal
    Having the whole of Treasury's senior staff focussed on getting a finance deal for John Grant in the midst of a global credit squeeze
    Falsely having updates on Treasury's efforts to secure finance for John Grant sent to Wayne Swan's fax
    Standing up in Parliament and doing an impresonation of me and Wayne Swan and denying all knowledge of any efforts to influence assistance for John Grant.

    As you can see these are grave charges against the Opposition Leader and he must resign or buy a new Kia from John Grant motors for all his front bench.


Anonymous said...

Far far worse is the statement he made in 2005, which he now hides from.

There's a little song all about it:

Keep your word Mr Rudd, Mr 'Wizard Down Under'. Someone's life depends upon it.


MK said...

For a while there i thought that krudd lied and swan cried, but even that looks like it won't happen. Some cannot even be shamed into doing the right thing.