Monday, June 1, 2009

Psycho Chook - would you like fries with that?

So Barnaby Joyce thinks I'm a birdseed eating Psycho Chook. "Nothing weird about me" I screamed at my staff.

I ran off to the prayer room, chanted myself stupid, blowdried my hair, bowled a cricket ball down the office corridor, did a chicken dance, screamed at my staff again, rang Barack Obama (it was 2am Washington time), rang Kim Jong-il and asked him for his hairdresser's number, called a summit of my staff and then told then my ideas, donated to the save the whale people - then ordered whale sashimi takeaway, drove my eco-friendly Prius to the airport and flew off around the country, froze the punter's superannuation top ups but let mine go through, rang George Bush and told him "it's the G20 stupid" (it was 4am in Texas) then announced the Barrier Reef was almost dead but I'd fix it in 3 years.

Who's the wanker who said I was a psycho?

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