Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fair Shake of the Sauce bottle

Fair dinkum, Aussie Kev is buggered. These pesky journos give me grief, fair shake of the sauce bottle you journo's!

I gave Joel the lemon & sars, 'cos he behaved like a tosser. I give Mark Abib and Chris Bowen a leg up and cop flack. Mark did a great job starring in fat pizza and Chris has nailed Grocery watch, Fuel Watch and the Petrol Commissioner. Taking the piss aren't I?

Aussie Kev has had enough - hey i'm just an average true blue aussie bloke. I've just seen the pics of Therese in Woman's Day, what a sheila! I'm off to spank the monkey!


michel said...

Looks like someone's worked out exactly what Rudd meant - lol crude but funny!

MK said...