Monday, July 30, 2007

Call me a Doctor, or maybe a hypocrite

I must say I feel let down by the government. I backed John Howard all the way on this Haneef terrorism charge. I feel let down; it’s almost cost me my electoral credibility.

I was prepared to stick my neck out and back the PM. This Haneef fella looked like a terrorist. He’s Muslim, has a beard, his cousin’s have tried to blow up Britain and he loaned his sim card to a relative. Open and shut case the polls said, back the PM or risk being left behind in the polls my advisors said.

I sensed public opinion shifting, Peter Bleattie rightly expressed his outrage that he hadn’t been lead story on the Brisbane news for week and the public seemed to smell a rat. How dare the PM compromise my election chances, serves me right for having a view on anything!

Call it spineless, call it weak, call it repositioning myself with my adoring public and showing electoral flexibility – as long as I pick up votes.

I am outraged that this poor little Indian Doctor has been victimised by the Keystone Cops. Indian Doctor’s have done so much for Queensland, just because he’s from a family of terrorists, it’s no reason to lock the guy up.

Nothing short of Judicial inquiry or maybe a Summit will fix this. Just shows you, you can’t trust this PM.

Gotta run.

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