Tuesday, July 24, 2007

No one bleats like Peter

My fellow Queenslander and great bloke, Peter Bleattie is his own man. Sure we both have that sanctimonious tone in our voice, we may buy our Teflon suits from the same tailor, have the same camera shy media reclusive style and have the same school boy hairstyle, but Peter doesn’t speak for me.

My support of John Howard is clear cut, I love his policies on Terrorism, Aborigines, Logging and the Murray Darling.

I’m truly unique in politics in that I can be an environmentalist who supports logging, a free market man who supports price regulation, a unionist who supports banning Trade Union leaders, a John Howard supporter and detractor, a man of action who loves consensus and a change agent who has no policies.

I'm your man.......or woman, Gotta run

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