Tuesday, July 10, 2007

C'mon Australia, you love the Ruddster?

I said to Therese I simply can't believe today's poll. That old man almost drawing level with me as preferred PM, cannot be true!

What have I done wrong? I've told Australia I can solve every domestic problem, every global and regional issue and I've already solved the drought. My appointment of the old ABC weatherman proved an inspired choice.

Surely it's not the Aboriginals, I know.... it could be Prince William. I shouldn't have bagged him with a Channel 9 special only days later. I'll ask my Commissioner for opportunistic appointments to get me a meeting with him, hopefully he speaks Mandarin so I can finally express my linguistic prowess.

Therese has got the wobbles over this poll, she's even putting the sale of her Australian business on hold.

Gotta run

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