Monday, May 28, 2007

Who's a clever boy?

Therese performed brilliantly, she never missed any of her lines, nor should she seeing she wrote them all. I did exactly as she said, played the browbeaten husband. You know that incredibly insincere soft voice I do so well..... sure it's all her decision to sell. When we got home she said I'd definitely be sleeping on the couch if she sold the business and I didn't get elected.
"Get elected or get out" she screamed, "I was making a fortune out of the Libs until you came along and stuffed it up!"

"More tea dear?"

Speaking of clever, that horrible little man is planning on spending the GDP of a small country on a TV campaign on global warming......but who's really clever Mr Former P.M.? I've got my ace on fixing global warming, the old ABC weatherman and he's forecasting more Rein!

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