Saturday, April 26, 2008

My next the Tasmanian Tiger

Based on the overwhelming success of my apology to the Stolen Generation my PR Team have another major event planned.

I'm using the first day of sitting in the new parliamentary session to apologise to the Tasmanian Tiger, 75 years after the last Thylacine was captured.

Research says this will broaden my appeal across animal lovers, a key demographic for my new Labor. It will be a heartfelt apology on behalf of all Australians and Tasmanians and should be a real tear jerker.

To commemorate the apology I'm painting stripes over my dog Abigail's rear end and expect all school students to follow suit with their pets.

Brendan Nelson will be invited to respond as I personally hold John Howard responsible for the extinction of the Thylacine it should be another tough one for the Liberals.

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