Saturday, April 5, 2008

George W....there’s something in the way he moves

Apologies to George Harrison

Something in the way he moves
Attracts me like no other lover
Something in the way he woos me
I don't want to leave him now
You know I believe and how

The words of George Harrison rang in my ears as I stood on the floor of the NATO meeting.

I was new, no one knew me. I was lost and confused. No microphone in my face, no audience wanting me, none of my close friends at hand.
And then I spotted him. Initially out of the corner of my eye. It was his aura that first caught my eye. I knew that aura. It was recently familiar. My heart started pounding, my underpants tightened, my hands began to sweat, my eyes glazed over. It was him!

I intuitively saluted, he was my master, my superior. I had to show him respect. He smiled at my subordinance, I was like a submissive dog ready to roll onto my back for him.
I danced across the floor to be with him again.

God I love George W Bush and I don't care who knows!.

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