Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I met my friend Hillary today

I met Hillary today. Aren’t I clever!

I gave Hillary advice on how she could become President of the USA, Leader of the Free World and manage China, because my other new best friend, George (Bush) said I’m a China expert.

I talked for 40 minutes, Hillary said hello and goodbye.

We got on like a house on fire, Hillary is offically one my new best friends, just like Russell (Crowe), Cate (Blanchette), Kirk (Douglas) George (Bush) and Nicole (Kidman).

I think I’ll invite her to my 2020 Summit.

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Lordoss Prince of Darkness said...

As Prime Minister I challenge Mr Howard to an arm wrestle or a Dim Sim eating contest.

...My 12 year old son saluted me the other day. I told him not too. Now Kevin Rudd salutes George Bush? Come on Kevin07, get with reality or are you too busy challenging people to things?