Saturday, March 1, 2008

My first 100 days...and ain't I wonderful

To celebrate my first 100 days I've taken the liberty of pulping 10,000 of Tasmania's finest old growth trees and imported the world's finest inks to produce the most self-indulgent publication released since my last self-indulgent publication, the first "100 days" being Ruddrless.

What have I achieved, well where do I start?

I've travelled more air miles than every other previous Australian PM put together – adding more carbon to the environment than a Kim Beasley methane attack after a month on the Baked beans.

I've overseen the local Stock Markets crashing wiping a years value off the market and my old mate and fellow Queenslander Eddy Groves has just about lost his business along with Centro and Allco.

The Inflation genie is out of the bottle, parents are continuing to desert the State Labor school system and the long standing State Labor governments want billions to fix the very Hospital's they stuffed up and can't fix and not one kid has a laptop.

And what have I done – gone to Bali and achieved nothing, told Ross Garnaut he's got the wrong answer on climate change, said "Sorry" to the stolen generation - I'll cover the rest of you at the next Election, held a hundred press conferences and spun more lines than oversexed twenty year old in a nightclub.

......and I've only just begun, Australia you've got another 1000 days to go!

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