Sunday, March 2, 2008

My 2008 Smartarse Summit

I am assembling Australia’s best and brightest men, Cate Blanchett and other “women” from my Androgynous front bench to run a summit on what sort of Australia I want in 2020.

Despite being elected on the platform of Fresh Ideas I must admit, like my most of my promises, I have no real idea.

Any way I’m getting 1000 people you wouldn’t want within 100 kilometres of your dinner party to come to Canberra and worship me. The 1000 will be Australia’s biggest loud mouths and smartarses, my kind of people.

They don’t have to have achieved anything as long as they can talk things up.

My front bench will run everything under clear direction from me. We need lots of talk, lots of talk about Australian Working Families, talk about how bad Workchoices is, talk about the Education Revolution currently sweeping Australia and lots of talk about how broadband will save Australia.

I need the 1000 smartarses basically to tell me my simplistic sound-bites are visionary.
At the end I can stand in front of my peers, 1000 of Australia’s most obnoxious know-alls and tell them what great Australian’s we are and how visionary we all are. I may even publish another book to celebrate the summit with my beaming smile on the front, after all, it’s all about the spin

If I don’t get Australian of the Year over this I’d be amazed.


Rat2 said...

While the public is the biggest untapped resource of good ideas, millions of people will not be able to participate and add their ideas to the 2020 Summit. It’s a dilemma that’s occurring across the country and can easily be solved with online technology.

Therefore, the online community created a wiki so people across Australia could post, discuss, and vote on the best ideas for the country. It’s totally a grassroots effort. It’s free, can be anonymous, and isn’t being sponsored by any political party, corporation, union, or special interests. It’s just people who want to encourage an online national brainstorming session.

The site is at There are pages for over 20 different issues and even an online petition to get the best ideas heard at the actual Summit.

So far, we’ve had over 1500 visitors, more than 10,000 page views, and over 100 ideas (each with many sub-threads), and we’ve only been up for 10 days or so.

The more people know about it, the more ideas are submitted, and the better the discussion.

It’s a great way for everyone to participate in the summit.

Wiki Creator

Graham Bell said...

What? Is that all you've got to say on the Summit? No constructive criticism? No worthwhile suggestions?

Graham Bell