Friday, June 8, 2007

Paul's a great mate of mine

Paul's comments about my staff being poll driven and unsuccessful are totally unfair. Paul's a great bloke, a real chum of mine and a brilliant Labor warrior like Gough and my other great mate Bob. They tell me my friendly homesy, best mate chat polls well. Anyway, Therese placed the staff for me, disadvantaged unemployed they were. Julia says we're stuck with them no matter how bad they are, must show support for our new IR policies. Must go, they've just told me we're sending another aircraft carrier full of troops to Afghanistan.
"I 100% support the sending of our troops to defend emerging democracies in foreign countries overthrown by the Americans....what's that Gary...oh yes.....except in Iraq. The polls say Iraq stinks, but Afghanistan's fine - keep sending the troops I say....Quality men my staff, those comments should poll well, right Gary?"

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