Thursday, June 28, 2007

If anyone can end child poverty, it's me!

I announced my Health policy, well sort of. Just the usual statement of the bleedingly obvious ("heart disease, diabetes and asthma were increasingly draining the health care system and costing Australians in a broader economic sense - but they were all preventable or manageable") and somehow then apportioning blame on the Federal Liberal government for all State Labor government issues, before concluding with my policy to fix it all.......but - "all details are yet to be released and an Independent commissioner or task force will sort it out if we haven't got a policy."

It works a date I've already solved our Education issues, Industrial relations, cured Heart disease and retrained Doctors, broken the drought (it was my policy), solved all our economic ills, mandated peace in Iraq and fixed Global warming.

Clearly I've done more for this country in 6 months than Howard's done in 10 years.

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