Saturday, June 23, 2007

If only I could take the Labor out of Labor Party

I've told Julia on numerous occasions I'm sick of her grubby Trade Union friends. If they didn't fund our advertising campaigns, provide 90% of our membership and parliamentary candidates, I'd ban the lot of them.
"Smelly and ugly," I've called them on many occasions as I surveyed the party room.

First it's Julia's kissing cousin Dean Mighell, now Fat Joe the building bully.

Julia and I met with the Executive and we're concerned Howard will use his N.T. Legislation and take Trade Unions over from their Leadership. Couldn't blame him really given the way they behave.

Well Mr. Howard you're not the only clever politician going around, I've decided when I'm running this country we'll stop this Union Official bad behaviour. It's now our policy to ban any filming or recording of Union Officials at any place or time.

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