Monday, March 9, 2009

Oops I started a shitstorm

Old potty-mouth did it again.

As I desperately try to appeal to my left wing, working class base I feel I have to remind them that despite my multi millionaire lifestyle, my fluent Mandarin and my over educated snobbish tone, I am really one of them! Well a cleaner, more educated version anyway!

I'll fix those horrible employers, those filthy rich CEOs and I don't care if I create a shit storm. Did you know I got drunk twice and went to a strip club?


Anonymous said...

I like your blog.

The thing that really scares me is the relaxed way he spoke about government debt.

The media got the knickers in a knot over the naughty swear word but nobody is scrutinising the consequences of the debt that the country will wear in a declining economy......

With falling production and commodities tax revenue will collapse!

The resulting tax increases will be large and painful!

AI said...

Good work!