Thursday, July 31, 2008

Patrick Walker - A Great Australian

I'll miss Patrick Walker - not only did he look like my dorky older brother, but I now have no one to sack when Petrol prices hit $2 per litre and Fuel Watch becomes a farce.

I think Patrick did an excellent job in watching the unprecedented increase in fuel prices, he was part of history. I knew I could ring him any time of day and he'd direct my Prius to where the cheapest fuel could be found - without fail.

Patrick's day was unprecedented in government - a 24 hour on the job role. He'd sit up all night monitoring the UK, then US oil price. In daylight he'd watch the Singapore price fluctuations. Then Patrick would watch the price of fuel by suburb, by site, by fuel type. Then he'd do it all over again.

That boy knew his Premium unleaded from his Diesel like no other.

You know, it's my dream job. All that watching and so little action, an occasional tough statement not supported by any action.

I'm gonna miss you Pat.

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