Friday, July 4, 2008

The Murray Darling - I'm looking in to it!

Our historic intention to have an agreement on the Murray Darling, following our historic agreement to think about having an agreement at the previous COAG and is truly ground breaking, signaling an end to the blame game.

I personally believe Politicians and Public Servants make our world go around, so my solution to every problem is to appoint someone to look at it.

I really grappled with which way to go on this one. A Murray Darling Commissioner, my Petrol Commissioner has been such a success maybe I could have popped someone on the banks of the Murray to ponder its flows.

Maybe a Murray Darling Parliament, in the image of my Asian Union, it could govern the river bringing together a group of third world hack politicians John Brumby, Morris Iemma and co. No!
What about a Ministry for the Murray, Belinda Neal as the new minister?
She’d demand unlimited access for her houseboat, use all the water on her garden and with Della not let anyone else use the river.

An Authority – why not!

Let’s get a group of Public Servants together to run the Murray, the Murray Darling Basin Authority. We’ll take our time getting hold of the right crew as they’ve got so many jobs offers at present.

Another critical issue solved.

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