Friday, October 5, 2007

Peter Garrett rewrites History

U.S. Forces (2007 remake)
U.S. forces get the nod
Democracy for your country
Bomb the houses all in rows
Restoring democracy by killing the poor

Saving the world, the CIA
As I avoid the issues
My portfolio leaves me with no sense to talk
Draw your own assessment
I used to sing songs that I’m denying
My hypocrisy is stupefying
I’m waiting for the next big flip
Will you know it, when you see it
High risk morals, casualty of war
Political advisors, call my shots
I’m doing dodgy deals, in parking lots
Protecting my seat, for tomorrow
I’m happy with Gunn’s Ta-mar emissions
All demonstrators should go to prison
I agree with all party decisions
Political party lines, don’t cross that floor

Kevin L Rudd will save my life
Superboy’s married to a millionaire wife
In the shadows of rampant hypocrisy we live
I used to sing songs that I’m denying
Winning government’s all that I’m trying
For the love of Kevin 07 I’ll say, anything

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