Sunday, October 28, 2007

I'm unbackable

Friends, we are stampeding towards our first Ruddrless government and new leadership from Kevin 07 himself.

The campaign has gone brilliantly with anything I say getting Australia’s collective worms erect!

As I preach my economic conservatism whilst throwing a billion for this and a billion for that, my rating with Australian working families grows exponentially with my ego.

I have briefly outlined my first 10 days agenda.
· Rename Canberra KEVIN
· Rename the ALP “The Kevin Experience”
· Print a new Kevin $070,000 note – it will be the new $50 in weeks
· Have the “I was only joking ads” queued to run after we’re in power featuring my Union friends
· Introduce new unfair dismissal laws – it’s now unfair to dismiss any Union member.
· Fix those old farts in Tasmania – increase GST on Nanna nappies and close down the Devonport Nursing home

Friends, we’re heading back to the good old days of deficit's, unproductive wages increases and inflation and you voted for it.

See you in the Lodge!

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