Thursday, August 15, 2013

They're not broken promises...I’m just a bit over exuberant with the truth. (again)

My Twitter exploded with people calling me a hypocrite over my negative ads on Tony Abbott. C’mon guys, fair suck of the sauce bottle!

You know me, I’m happy Selfie Kev. KRUDDMP, Kevin 07 – the happiest, wackiest, most hip and popular PM ever.   The guy who screams at flight attendants, rages at staff when I don’t get my way, has hissy fits if I can’t get a hair dryer in Afghanistan, screams and bangs his fists in rage on camera.

I’m the guy who School kids love, the guy who said he’d never see circumstances where he’d take on the leadership of the Labor party, the guy who hasn’t lurched to the right on Asylum seekers.

C’mon guys – I’m not in to negative ads, remember it’s a new way!

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