Thursday, March 21, 2013

I'm a man of my word

I was never ever, ever going to challenge today. I’m the PM’s human shield – no way Jose, fair shake of the sauce bottle, Mr K Rudd won’t break his promise. I’m a man of principle.

Joel keeps pestering me all the time ...”C’mon Kevin reclaim the throne and give me a plum job”, he was at it again today. Then Simon resigns to join Club Rudd. “Please Kevin, save the country, save me, save us all from Julia”.

Frankly it’s tough having such adulation dumped on you, but I’m a man of my word, my moral compass will never point south.

But for 5 or so votes and those 2 idiots not in town I’d have been dragged kicking and screaming in to the PM’s role and talked very softly and with great humility about how I never sought it, but a greater calling forced my hand.... and I’d wish Julia and Tim all the best in the new Salon in Altona. Bugger!  


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