Thursday, August 6, 2009

The passing of a great Australian - Sam the Koala

Australia mourns the loss of Sam the Koala today, a truly great Australian and great mate of mine.

It's no secret that the ALP had approached Sam to run as our high profile celebrity candidate against that cad Malcolm Turnbull in Wentworth. After spending some time talking through my policies, I believed Sam to be a more informed candidate than either Maxine McKew or Peter Garrett. She was passionate about our building an Education Revolution scheme and indicated that even Australia's Koalas had benefited from the stimulus package.

Sam was the ultimate victim of Climate Change, incinerated by Malcolm Turnbull's lack of policy on a Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme. Just as Turnbull is personally destroying the Barrier Reef and Kakadu, he has barbequed this great Australian.

I plan a state funeral and photo opportunity shortly.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I must say that I keep checking for an update and there hasn't been one in a while. Please keep on going as there are a few of us that I know of that are reading it.

I've got the new election slogan KRUDD 11!!

Anonymous said...

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