Monday, May 4, 2009

Introducing the Carbon Pollution Recession Reduction Scam

As I said during the election and again in office as I headed to Bali to sign Kyoto and again at the launch of my CPRS, this is urgent. We have to act now, 2010 may even be too late! I'll accept Garnaut's report I said, he's the expert.

"No sustainable leadership can ignore the elephant in the room of this proportion. To do so would be to threaten the future of our people, our nation, and our planet". Inspiring stuff isn't it!

"Do we reduce our pollution today so our children and grandchildren can experience the same beautiful and bountiful planet that we have inherited?

Or do we wait – knowing our grandchildren may never see the grandeur of the Great Barrier Reef, or experience the wonder of the wetlands at Kakadu". Therese was howling when I read it in bed. The Shakespeare of Climate Change she said.

In December 2008 when I announced the CPRS I had no idea we were having a Global crisis. I'd already sent out a stimulus package, but really that was a bit of fun! This last few months has changed everything.

When you're popularity is almost at an all time high why rock the boat when the record is in sight. The $900 cheques are just hitting, my popularity could hit 90%, be buggered if I'm doing anything to mess with that!

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MK said...

What a chickenshit he is eh, at the first sign of trouble, pisses his pants and hypocrisy and double-standards at its finest.