Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Don't mention Asylum seekers

Whilst I’m on the difficult topic of Asylum Seeker did I mention the recession?
You’d hardly expected me to come clean quickly on what happened on that boat – I’m clearly the last person to work out Australia’s in recession and even then I’m speculating.

If it gets Asylum Seekers off the front page then I’ll say anything.

I was quick to condemn that smarty pants Premier in WA with his wild speculation about petrol being spilled on the boat. How dare he know the answer to this national security issue a week before me! Kevin is Australia’s smartest man – it’s all wild dangerous, speculation. How dare anyone speculate on this sensitive matter before the coroner’s inquest.

It didn’t stop me speculating it was people smugglers and the global meltdown, not my relaxing of refugee laws, that was to blame for this incident.

Anyway, people smugglers are now on Kevin’s axis of evil joining Peter Costello, RAAF flight attendants, Belinda Neal, neo liberals, CEOs, false gods and banks.

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