Monday, April 6, 2009

Beware of worshipping a False God

With 74% popularity, 25 points ahead of Jesus and 42 points clear of Allah I would have to say my popularity is god like.
The perfect Christian, I even saved a fellow parishioner’s life recently – personally carrying this man ten kilometers to hospital after his collapse. I’m well known in public life as a man of humility, quietly spoken and even tempered. Have you ever seen me on morning T.V., my humble close “good to be with you” signed off with a cheesy grin.

I’m an Economic Conservative, I said so 50 times with Julia during the election and a man of the people. I hate corporate greed and wealthy CEO’s ripping us poor people off.

I don’t know where these horrible lies about me come from? Attending a strip club while drunk, bullying a flight attendant, working my staff like dogs and then attacking them publically when they complain, preaching a new socialism while living a multi millionaire’s lifestyle, prone to foul mouthed outbursts, promising false hope – Petrol Commissioner to reduce prices, Grocery Watch to reduce prices, 2020 Summit to fix everything...

As I said recently, "...worshipped as a god and we know now that god was false”. I went on damning those who put their egos and power ahead of all others “...the unrestrained pursuit of self-interest was not only morally legitimate but, equally, was to be morally encouraged."