Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I take full responsibility .....but it is their fault

I’ve repeatedly said to Australian Working Families I take full responsibility for the economy, the good news and the bad news. That is what my Leadership is all about.

But until some good news finally arrives I am just going to have to keep blaming the Liberals. That’s also what my Leadership is all about.

It’s been difficult for me rebuilding the poverty stricken country I inherited. I feel for Morgan Tsvangirai.

I’ve had to deal with the Inflation Genie, Savage Budget Cuts, Decisive Schemes like Fuel Watch and Grocery Watch, my Mille Vanilli Education Revolution, my tax led fix of binge drinking and my carbon reduction, but not drought breaking, scheme. Boy have I been talking a good talk!

As my dear old mum said, “Kevin, words speak louder than actions when you’re incapable of action”. You know, she was right.

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