Sunday, September 21, 2008

I'm off to NY to save the World's financial markets

I love NY, most of all the United Nations Building and my old stomping ground Scores strip Club.

I've been criticised for leaving this bankrupt backwater and heading off to the US, but as I learned the hard way, if the world's in crisis then they need me there!

I still blame myself for the failure to get resolution at the recent Doha WTO talks, I wasn't there and it failed.

I personally believe I'm the only man on the plant who can solve this crisis, I'll be revealing details of "BANKWATCH" when I arrive in NY.

This is round 2 of my eventual move to become UN Secretary General and effectively run the world, solve the world's financial crisis, solve global warming and it's mine.
I grew up with picture of Kurt Waldhiem over my bed and won a Javier Pérez de Cuéllar look-a-like competition at the Beijing Embassy Christmas Party in 1985. As a boy I dreamed of running the world - looks like nothing's going to stop me now!

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