Monday, December 10, 2007

My first big test and boy am I talking the talk!

Unware that I'm now actually running the country and have to act rather than talk, I've decided my "KEVIN07" cliche politics is probably best continued.

Hey, it got me elected - people didn't want action, they wanted soundbites.

Sure grocery prices are high - I'll appoint a commissioner (won't fix them) and Oil prices are high, another commissioner (no fix). But my much exploited "Australian Working Families" (AWF's) don't see the distinction - if I talk they assume it's fixed.

My PR and Spin team are working on a series of new slogans and soundbites as we speak, they're in focus groups full of AWF's to get the message just right - My favourite's "Carbon Kevin - bringing clean air from Heaven", "Yes I want clean air - I'm eating carbon reduced baked beans" "Kevin the World's First Carbon Crusader"

Living with a 2050 target is about as committed as my government will get over the next 3 years - so who gives a stuff what we commit to for then, I'll only get kicked out over any commitments I make for the next decade - and there's no chance of that - maybe I'll commission a report, then a conference and then a summit!

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