Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What did you expect from the guy who gave us Grocery Watch?

My answer to reducing Grocery prices was to post a website no one could understand.

I solved generations of Aboriginal problems by simply saying Sorry.

I promised an Education Revolution and gave out half the laptops I promised at twice the cost.

I reduced Petrol prices by appointing a Commissioner - who resigned!

I promised to save the Whale and ended up saving my relationship with the Japanese PM.

I had a 2020 summit and have given it 20 minutes thought in the past 20 months......

So what did you expect from a Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme promised by a PM who talked tough about the Environment and said he'd personally get China and India to sign up to binding targets?

Exactly the rubbish we got.

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Lordoss Prince of Darkness said...

Just when John Howard was making you believe that Politicians were doing what they said they would do, along comes Kevin07 (along with Recession08) who restores that belief that all politicians are a bunch of hot air.